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Taprogen Pahramaceutical Pvt Ltd has been incorporated as a Private Company with Limited Liability having complied with the requirements of the Companies Act No. 7 of 2007.

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  • To import pharmaceutical products, and devices necessary for the improvement of the health care of Sri Lankans.
  • To import active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and other necessary material necessary for the production of pharmaceutical products and medical devices.
  • To produce pharmaceutical products in Sri Lanka by directly manufacturing the said pharmaceutical products and devices and/or by way of contract manufacturing with third parties.
  • To establish pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka to efficiently manufacture the above products and devices.
  • To export the said pharmaceutical products and devices manufactured.
  • To engage in any other business activities which may be approved by the board of directors from time to time for the execution of the above objectives of the Company
  • To establish a management and support system for effective and efficient execution of the above objectives.
  • To set up a Distribution Service for the Pharmaceutical products and devices, with marketing strategies to support the above products.
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    No. 1A/364
    Jinasena Mawatha, Mahara
    11850 Sri Lanka